Security Features

Encryption at Rest and In Transit

All AuthRamp user data is encrypted at rest using AES-256, block-level encryption. Data in transit is encrypted using TLS v1.3, with earlier TLS versions are available for older browsers.

User Protection

With features like common password rejection and mandatory rotation and two-factor authentication, AuthRamp protects you and your users from baddies far and near.

24/7 Security Monitoring

With 24/7 intrusion and vulnerability detection, AuthRamp is vigilant against marauding hackers targeting you and your data.

Industry Best Practices

From properly salting and hashing credentials to logging, we continuously update our procedures, software, and documentation to not miss a beat.

People and Training

Security doesn't end at the server room keypad; all our staff are trained in security best practices, thwarting social engineering at the gates.

Peer Reviewed

100% of production AuthRamp code is peer reviewed for security and compliance.