Why AuthRamp?


Protect your user data

  • Encryption at Rest
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Expert Staff Training
  • Password Safety Rules
  • Peer-Reviewed Code
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5 minutes and you're done

With OpenID Connect support, just insert a few lines of code into your project and you have full user management support.

Most major frameworks already support OpenID Connect and we're here to help if your team gets stuck.


Big or small, we want you to succeed

All paying clients can contact our support staff and engineers by email, any time. Additionally, enterprise customers get direct access to account executives who know your business, anticipate your needs, and take ownership of your account.

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Hosted Identity Pages

Login, signup, password reset, and more

AuthRamp's hosted login and profile pages take the work and compliance stress out of handling user data.

  • Signup, login, logout, account recovery
  • Social/federated login (Google, Facebook, Github, and more)
  • Invite-only signups
  • Two-factor enrollment
  • Email address management
  • auth.page domain or your own cname

OpenAPI (Swagger) REST API

Manage users, sync your data, and do deep integration into your systems with AuthRamp's REST API.

Use any OpenAPI client, from Python to Java, PHP to Perl. You can even use cURL or Postman to interact directly.

Two-Factor Authentication

Email, SMS, Google authenticator, and recovery codes

  • Set policies requiring two-factor authentication
  • Automatic user enrollment
  • Optional smart second factor when user device changes
Corporate SSO

(Only available for Enterprise customers)

If you're starting a SaaS with corporate or enterprise clients, supporting corporate single-signons through SAML or OAuth2 is critical. And we support both.

Require certain tenants on your project to login with their corporate SSO in a seamless experience users won't be confused by. We'll even help you set it up.

Management Dashboard

Mange users, security, and policies

With AuthRamp's dashboard, you can directly support users, view user activity, inspect audit logs, configure security policies, and even customize hosted pages.

As a PWA, the AuthRamp app is kept up to date on all of your devices and you can stay on top of your IAM system from anywhere.

Want to know more?

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